Authentic Amazon Jungle Adventure with a German-French Couple

We just spent 3 days of pure Amazonian Jungle with my new fellow friend of Hendrik and his fiance. Its been perfect because the raining did help us by cooling down the high temperature we experience in the mornings.

Yesterday, we kick a day fishing 6 big piranhas but today was a so so day until hendrik fiance got a big sting ray. We were completely astonished with that monster, it was huge (sorry forgot to take a picture). I want something different for lunch so with the kids (Anory, Heiser, Rafico and Jochelo) and juaco, we set up a grilled in the coast of the Tigrillo lake and spent a day swimming at the lake, net fishing and share an unforgettable moment.

Its been a crazy today, we end up at the aniversay of the community San Juan de Atacuari and watched a game that just look like Brazil vs Germany, the score was 7-1. At night, we ate the left over the fish we got in the net and watched Halloween 5 movie with the kids, it was really funny.

Ending upthe day with a night safari on a canoe with an image of michael appering with a knife hahahah, its a bit foggy so its really scary in the middle of the nowhere. Tomorrow, we will be leaving at 5 am to Leticia and enjoying a day with my new visitors.

Hendrik and his fiance will be leaving tomorrow and spent an amazing jungle adventure for 4 days.

Greeting from the Amazon,

Sergio Rojas
Wild Amazon Jungle Guide and Friend