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About Sergio Rojas

Tour Guide in Leticia Amazonas and currently CEO of the tour operator Amazonas Jungle Tours. Speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Tour de Aventura por 3 dias en Leticia Amazonas

Este es un tour perfecto para sólo tres días en el Amazonas, pero tiene que comenzar a las 8 am y terminar el tercer día a las 5 pm. Mi tour en Leticia Amazonas y sus alrededores es una mezcla de Cultura – Mi Pueblo – Selva – Lagos – Comunidades Nativas – Aventura – Vida Silvestre y todo lo que usted puede experimentar sobre el Amazonas.
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Swedish Family Amazon Journey

I arrive to Leticia on Colombian Indepedence Day (July 20th) with the German-France couple really tired and with a lot of hungry, i have been traveling a day without eating breakfast and arriving to Leticia at 9:30.

I had already arrange my sister to pick the swedish family at the airport and luckily the plane arrive a little bit later so i can at least take a bath because i was smelling like raw jungle. As they got pick by my sister, the first thing was dropping them at the Hotel to met them and then telling me “Please we want jungle from the first day”. I had to change all the plans, went to eat a Brasilian lunch and heading to the jungle at my friends natural reserve.

We walk nearly 2 hours at the jungle, had a great time and the second request was to see the arrival of the parakeets. We saw the show and then having some Cassava Pizza for dinner.

For the next day was a good Amazon River kick visiting the monkey island, the lotus flowers and some fauna at a Peruvian town. My guide Jhonny pick us up at Puerto Narino and help us a little bit with the luggage so we can have a walk at the town. We took the fast boat, arrive to Naranjales, getting pick by our wooden boat and finally going to our Lodge at the Atacuari. We arrive nearly at 6:00 pm spotting some grey and pink dolphins on the way.

As we wake up the next day, I can called it the Piranaha contest because we cought nearly 9 big ones, some cat fish and setting up a jungle BBQ with the local kids. It was amazing because while they took a bath at the Tiger Lake, i was preparing some delicious grilled fish, yuca, and brazilian sousage “Calabreza”. It was fantastic to share with the family and kids the food we prepared and later on taking a jungle trek. That night only Emily and Sergui went to sleep at our jungle lodge.

On the forth day, we decide to go for a unique experience of bird watching 25 different bird species, more dolphins, more monkeys and having a delicious lunch prepared by our cookers. On the afternoon, we went for a different route where we spot toucans and more birds. At night, we decided to grilled some cat fish because they really love it and went for a Caiman Safari. We spot more than 3 but they were really scare so they decided to go to the lodge. I went with my guides again and we cought a small beautiful black caiman.

For the last day, we arrive to Leticia at 9:30 and getting ready at 11:00 AM to go to the airport. I rest for 2 days and waiting for the Australian couple.

I will be updating you for my next post with all the adventure with my next visitors.

Best regards,

Sergio Rojas
Amazon Tour Guide and your Amazon Griend

Authentic Amazon Jungle Adventure with a German-French Couple

We just spent 3 days of pure Amazonian Jungle with my new fellow friend of Hendrik and his fiance. Its been perfect because the raining did help us by cooling down the high temperature we experience in the mornings.

Yesterday, we kick a day fishing 6 big piranhas but today was a so so day until hendrik fiance got a big sting ray. We were completely astonished with that monster, it was huge (sorry forgot to take a picture). I want something different for lunch so with the kids (Anory, Heiser, Rafico and Jochelo) and juaco, we set up a grilled in the coast of the Tigrillo lake and spent a day swimming at the lake, net fishing and share an unforgettable moment.

Its been a crazy today, we end up at the aniversay of the community San Juan de Atacuari and watched a game that just look like Brazil vs Germany, the score was 7-1. At night, we ate the left over the fish we got in the net and watched Halloween 5 movie with the kids, it was really funny.

Ending upthe day with a night safari on a canoe with an image of michael appering with a knife hahahah, its a bit foggy so its really scary in the middle of the nowhere. Tomorrow, we will be leaving at 5 am to Leticia and enjoying a day with my new visitors.

Hendrik and his fiance will be leaving tomorrow and spent an amazing jungle adventure for 4 days.

Greeting from the Amazon,

Sergio Rojas
Wild Amazon Jungle Guide and Friend

Welcome to the Adventure in Leticia Amazonas

Amazonas Jungle Tours is a subsidiary tour operator from, we only offer small scale tours to special people that are looking for a special Amazon life journey on their life.  We are really tired of commercial and mass tourism in the Amazon. 

We offer an authentic, unique, community based, and private tours in the last border of the Colombian Amazon Basin. Our tours will be held in the most exotic places in the Amazon Jungle, Indigenous communities and near Leticia Amazonas.

100% Community-based tourism in local indigenous communities that have invited outsiders to experience their customs, food, lifestyle, and set of beliefs. These communities manage both the impacts and the benefits of this tourism, strengthening their self-governance, economic alternatives, and traditional ways of life in the process.

Service will be hosted by our staff and Sergio Rojas who is a well known and famous English-Spanish speaking tour guide in Leticia Amazonas.


Amazonas Jungle Tour Video


​Our trip was even more amazing than we had hoped. Everything I knew would be great was there, but also so much more that we had never even imagined. Exceptional food and people. Each of us were able to communicate our desires easily to the guides and all our requests were met with ease and a smile. If we could do the trip again we wouldn´t change a thing. AMAZING AMAZON. COME NOW and bring a friend! by Skyler Smith – USA

Sergio and his team organized a fantastic adventure tour to the beautiful and friendly community of 7 de augusto. The members of the community are welcoming and willing to share their unique knowledge of nature. Their skills at identifying plants and animals, navigating boats and canoes in remote locations and their fishing and hunting abilities are remarkable. The food (much of which was caught in the river or nearby lakes or grown locally) was excellent.​ by Robb Rusell – USA

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Aticoya Adventure Amazon Jungle Trip

  • One of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet, the Colombian Amazon rainforest shares with it’s visitors an unforgettable nature & wildlife experience. Add to that the fascinating mix of indigenous native tribes that populate the region, and the mystery of the shaman traditional medicine healer, and you are in for a unique cultural experience too.

As a travel guide, I love to fill our visitors with the best of the Amazon and sharing a unique experience from this remote green paradise. Our tours have been design carefully so you can enjoy your trip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We know you have limited time, so 4 days is perfect. Remember our tours are super active, always there is something to do and we will be doing activities to activities. My tour is a mix of Culture – My Village – Jungle – Lakes – Native Communities – Adventure – Wildlife and all what you can experience about the Amazon.

I dont do a typical tour… nahhhh screw that, i will show you with my staff the real Amazon. Remember Amazonas Jungle Tours is not just Sergio Rojas, we have tons of people behind the scenes making sure everything goes excellent.

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Leticia Amazonas – “La Casa del Jaguar” Deep Jungle Lodge

“La Casa del Jaguar” is a perfect spot design for adventure tourist that want to experience a night in a remote area of the Atacuari Region. Here, you will listen and feel every night the magic of the jungle with an unlimited concert of insects and animals.

This lodge was design by Sergio Rojas and build by local native’s. The concept for this structure is to get change every season (High Water – Low Water) with a new design or adding new features. It is located in the hearth of the Atacuari Jungle just in the border of Zacambu creek and with an easy access of Lago Redondo.

Tree Jungle Lodge Leticia Amazonas

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Leticia Amazonas – Atacuari Jungle Lodge

Atacuari Jungle Lodge is located in the last border of Colombia bordering Peru. It was design with an authentic Cocama cosmovision of living and hosted by english speaking guide Sergio Rojas. This jungle lodge in the Colombian Amazon basin is a perfect spot for the people who are looking to relax and disconnect from the world.

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What to pack to the Colombian Amazon Basin

The Amazon basin is an amazing region in Colombia, it’s a magic place located in a triple frontier (Brasil – Colombia – Peru). The Colombian Amazon is one of the most beautiful tropical jungle in the world and at the same time a paradise that you must follow some guidelines and recommendations. Continue reading