4 Day Amazon Leticia Amazonas Jungle Eco Tour

My tour in Leticia Amazonas and surroundings is a mix of Culture – My Village – Jungle – Lakes – Native Communities – Adventure – Wildlife and all what you can experience about the Amazon.


I just update all my tour with all the detail information, so you can really know what to expect  and what are you booking. Please be advice that if you read all detail information you can have a much better experience.

Welcome to Amazonas Colombia

A very warm welcome to you from everyone here at Amazonas Colombia. Thank you for choosing us as your guides to the wonderful world of the Amazon. You have an unforgettable few days ahead!

Choosing the best flight itineraries to fit this tour

We highly recommend to do full day activities in the Amazon starting at 7 am til 5 pm or after dinner. As Latam Airlines have a flight not later than 12:30 pm, you can start tour with the 2 pm boat. Avianca have flights later than 2 pm so we highly recommend to start the next day at 7 am but if you dont have enough time and want to do tour right away so chartering a private boat will be perfecto.

What to expect in Amazonas

Expect the unexpected! At Amazonas Jungle Tours, every tour is different. Activities can change due to the weather or unusual events. We ask you to be flexible but don’t worry, we are here to make sure you see as much as possible! We always try to include the following activities:

  1. Guided walk through the jungle (day)
  2. Guided walk through the jungle (night)
  3. Visit to indigenous village
  4. Overnight stay in indigenous village
  5. Indigenous community activities
  6. Flora explanation
  7. Dolphin watching by boat
  8. Monkey Spotting
  9. Kayaking
  10. Bird Watching
  11. Piranha fishing (season dependent)
  12. Night boat trip to look for Caymans (small alligators)
  13. Kayaking at lakes, flooded jungle and rivers
  14. Walk to Mirador and visit local museum

Our local guides are all Spanish speakers and we have English translators available for all tours. Your English translator will meet you at the port when you arrive at Puerto Nariño.

Tours Size and Information

All of our tours normally goes from 4 to 6 people per group, in which it will include a Native Guide and a translator. Tours are highly active, mix between jungle treks and boat activities. We normally have other guest that are doing activities but they will be with their own group staff and itineraries. Our staff always at the morning and at night will tell your daily itineraries.

Accommodation on our Tours

Accommodation is basic but comfortable. You will have the option to stay in a hospedaje each night or in the home of someone in the indigenous community.

It should be possible to charge appliances such as phones and cameras overnight but please be aware that electricity is not always guaranteed in the jungle. Bring spare batteries/chargers if you have them.

Photos of our accommodation


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included each day. We can also organize your diet if you are vegan, vegetarian or any food allergy. You will be given a large bottle of drinking water that can be refilled as required by staff in Puerto Nariño.

*Snacks and alcohol are extra costs*


Transport will be cover by our Tour Operator. This includes:

  1. Airport transfer on arrival and departure.
  2. Transfer between the office and your hotel.
  3. Boat transfer to and from Puerto Nariño.

Leticia Amazonas Jungle Tour Itinerary

We normally start tour at 7:00 am from Leticia Amazonas but there is a good flight schedule with Latam airlines in which arrives at 9:00 am or 11:30 am and we can start tour taking the 12 pm or 2:00 pm boat.

1 Day – Amazon River transfer and adventure in Puerto Nariño starting at 7:00 am boat

  • Hotel transfer to Leticia Port at 6:30 am
  • Public Transportation boat transfer to Puerto Nariño (from 1.30 hours to 2 hours)
  • Reception in Puerto Nariño
  • We will do a trekking thru the jungle in the back of our village in which we will have the opportunity to spot monkeys, flora and fauna explanation and have a direct contact with the jungle, you will end up at a native natural reserve.
  • Typical lunch
  • Boat activity to spot grey or pink dolphins, we will visit lakes and navigate thru tributaries. Also we will do kayaking if the water level is available.
  • Dinner
  • Night walk for the observation of insects and different Amazonian fauna.
  • Accommodation in a community hostel with your private room

1 Day – Amazon River transfer and adventure in Puerto Nariño starting at 2:00 pm boat

  • We will be at the airport waiting for you with a sign
  • Transportation to office so we can have all organize
  • Public Transportation boat transfer to Puerto Nariño (from 1.30 hours to 2 hours)
  • Reception in Puerto Nariño
  • Jungle hike and visit to a native forest reserve or Boat activities to spot pink or grey dolphins
  • Dinner
  • Night walk for the observation of insects and different Amazonian fauna.
  • Accommodation in a community hostel with your private room

2 Day – Tarapoto Wetland Adventure

  • Breakfast
  • We will take a boat to do pink and grey dolphin sightings, navigate thru lakes and small tributaries.
  • You will have a Jungle walk (Only from the beginning of June to the end of January) to see a different king of jungle which it gets flooded every year. If the jungle is flooded we will go inside with boats. You will have the opportunity to spot the biggest trees in the Amazon basin which is the Ceiba Tree.
  • Typical lunch in the community
  • Artisanal fishing for piranha and other fishes in the Amazon, boat activity to spot wildlife on the shore such as monkeys.
  • Dinner
  • Caiman Sightings by boat
  • Accommodation in basic community cabin with shared bathrooms

3 Day – Peruvian jungle trekking 

  • Breakfast
  • Sailing along the Amazon River to San Antonio de Cacao Island and opportunity to spot Pink and Grey Dolphins
  • Walk in the jungle to spot a different kind of ecosystem with the biggest species of trees in the Amazon Region and visit to the community
  • Possibility of lazy bear sightings (Sloths) and bird watching
  • Typical Lunch
  • Canoe activity thru jungle flooded (Only February til June)
  • Accommodation in a community hostel with your private room

4 Day – Santa Teresita Trekking Adventure

For the four day we have this activity we will be pretty flexible to do activities depending on your likes. We have an Amazing tour on an interesting jungle by a native community. The itinerary will go up to 3.30 pm for the boat transfer to Leticia.

  • Breakfast
  • Sailing along the Loretoyacu River and bird watching activity
  • Walk in the jungle to spot a different kind of ecosystem, explanation of fauna and flora and possible sightings of monkeys
  • Typical Lunch
  • Return to Puerto Nariño
  • Return to Leticia by public boat from 3:30 pm to 5 pm
  • Transfer to the reserved hotel


  • 2 Passengers
    Double Room (1 Room for 2 people – can be 2 beds or one)
    $1.300.000 COP per persona. If one the the guest need a private room will have an extra cost of 50.000 cop
  • 3 Passengers
    Triple Room (1 Room for 3 people – can be 3 single beds or 2 beds)
    $1.250.000 COP per persona. If one the the guest need a private room will have an extra cost of 50.000 cop
  • 4 Passengers or more
    Quadruple Room (1 room with single beds or double beds)
    $1.200.000 COP per persona. If one the the guest need a private room will have an extra cost of 50.000 cop

Tour Size Information: Small groups share excursion but accomodation is private, in the native community is a big cabin with rooms. We guarantee groups size are never more than 6 people. If you want completly private tour its $150,000 extra per persona.

Prices are in cash but if you pay with credit card, there is extra 5% of wire transaction.

Atms in Leticia only have 300.00 COP per transaction and around 3 per day. Payment on arrival

What is included?

This includes the 2 nights accommodation, 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), water, tours, translator if needed, coffee (with breakfast) and fruit juices (with lunch and dinner), activities and transportations. Alcohol you will need to pay for separately.

What is not included?

Activities not described on the tour, alcohol, tips for the guides (its optional), entry tax at the airport of Leticia $31.000 and  entry tax at the entrance of Puerto Nariño $10,000.

What To Bring On The Tour

A small daysack (25-30L) is sufficient for a 3 or 4 day tour. We can store your larger bag in the office. The following list is advisory only, wear whatever you think will make you feel comfortable! Bear in mind that black clothing can attract more mosquitos so, if possible, bring lighter coloured clothing.

  1. 2 x long sleeve tops
  2. 2 x short sleeved tops
  3. 1 x shorts
  4. 2 or 3 x long trousers
  5. Socks and underwear for 4 days
  6. Walking boots/shoes. Yes, trainers are ok. Flip flops for relaxing.
  7. Swimwear (yes it’s safe to swim in some places!)
  8. Towel
  9. Toiletries – toothbrush , toothpaste, soap etc.
  10. Repellent
  11. Sun cream
  12. Hat
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Camera/Phone – waterproof covers required in case of sudden heavy rain
  15. Extra snacks, soft drinks
  16. Wallet and ID

Rubber boots and a poncho are available from loan from the office. Please return them to the office at the end of your tour.

Where does my tour take place?

I live in a paradise that my father’s help to organize and colonize called Puerto Nariño in the aticoya region. Law does not allow us to have cars or motorcycles.

Photos of my Leticia Amazonas Jungle Tour

As my internet is really slow, i upload some at facebook. Follow me at www.facebook.com/elcabuco

This is a facebook gallery of all my daily activities in my town and during tours.

Why does the translator is not local?

Tourism is just new in Colombia, I mean like more tourist than normal in the last years. We really were not prepared that lots of non spanish speakers foreigners where going to come so nobody or barely someone speak english in Leticia Amazonas. I can count with my fingers who speaks english in Leticia and sorroundings.

Now with more visitors in Leticia Amazonas, I get cool volunteers who help my guides to translate and at the same time they are teaching english to them. After one year, one of my guide speaks english and the others are studying hard learning.

Understanding the Colombian Amazon

People, our history haven’t been really cool. Since slavery, destruction, animal trafficking, ngo, land invasion, excesive huntig, Pablo Escobar and other stuff I think we are getting recover. Our Amazonas is a big zoo but I dont have animals in a jail. Climate changes, full moon, people using deet 100% or making lot of noise can be more difficult to spot animals but we spent lot of time while we are not working to find the spots. Some animals are just difficult to spot such as a manatee, jaguar or anaconda.

From February to late May is all flooded in ome area which we will do lot of boat activity. From later July is all dry and we can do trekking on the flooded area.

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