New Leticia to Iquitos Flight Information

The mobilization from Leticia-Iquitos-Leticia was only run by speed boats and ferries for the past 10 years, there was only one company offering flights from Caballo Cocha to Iquitos but they had always delays or problems. Due to the large demand from people to get fast and secure to Iquitos, the company ATSA opened a new secure flight with a Fokker 50 departing from Leticia’s Airport and arriving to Iquitos.

Booking Leticia to Iquitos Flight

This new flight only goes the days Mondays and Fridays from Leticia’s Airport at 3:00 PM and it’s only a 1 hour flight. The plane is a comfortable Fokker 50 and it will not include any snack or meal. Prices are normally 90-120 USD and the only agancy where you can buy the flight ticket is “Paraiso Ecologico” (Near Anaconda Hotel). You can also write at which is the airline company booking email.