What to pack to the Colombian Amazon Basin

The Amazon basin is an amazing region in Colombia, it’s a magic place located in a triple frontier (Brasil – Colombia – Peru). The Colombian Amazon is one of the most beautiful tropical jungle in the world and at the same time a paradise that you must follow some guidelines and recommendations.

What to pack to your Amazon Trip

One of the most important recommendation is your luggage. If you are travelling for a month in Colombia or are doing a South American route don’t forget to bring a 30 liter backpack.

Backpack recommended for the Colombian Amazon Basin

We recommend a 30 liter backpack with a raining cover. Most of the time people take 3 or 4 day tour and can pack their clothes needed, the backpack doesn’t get too heavy, it’s good to accommodate in transportation such as boats or cars and it wont occupy too much space. In Colombia, there is a local brand called Totto and the backpacks are really good.

Bug Spray or Mosquito repellent recommended for the Colombian Amazon Basin

DEET based mosquito repellent is the worst equipment you can bring to the Amazon. We know mosquitoes are going to be everywhere but high percentage DEET products are destroying our environment. There is a bug repellent in Colombia DEET free and it’s really good called ´Bacterion´and you can get it at drug factories Drogas la Rebaja. 

We recommend cream based mosquito repellent than spray ones. The solution will stay longer.

Types of Clothes needed for the Colombian Amazon Basin

This is our recommendation for a more pleasure trip in your Amazon:

  • Loose, non heavy and easy drying pants (Light colors, not black because they attract more mosquitos).
  • Long sleve shirts (Light colors, not black because they attract more mosquitos)
  • Plenty underwear and long socks for the rubber boots
  • Light Jacket for boat transportation
  • Hat
  • You can also bring a Hatta or Bandana