Visit the best viewing point of the Amazon River in Leticia Amazonas

Only 15 minutes from Leticia, in the city of the neighboring country Tabatinga (Brazil), you can find one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Amazon region. This is a strategic place that is located just where you can see the three countries of Colombia – Peru – Brazil in the Amazon. If you come to visit Leticia Amazonas, we invite you to visit this wonderful viewpoint.

Traveling to the triple frontier is a unique and unforgettable experience. It is a region surrounded by the magic of the jungle, our neighbors in Peru and Brazil, ancestral indigenous communities and the indomitable Amazon River. This place, located in Tabatinga Brazil, offers its visitors an unforgettable experience, a surreal landscape surrounded by rivers and jungle for a perfect jungle.

¿What is la Comara?

La Comara is a neighborhood located in the neighboring city Tabatinga (Brazil), is only 15 minutes from Leticia by land and is one of the last neighborhoods of this city. The Mirador de La Comara allows tourists to have a unique view of the beautiful landscapes. It is also the ideal place for a good photo, where you can appreciate the Island of Santa Rosa (Peru) and Leticia (Colombia).

Have fun at La Comara Show Club

This place is well known because it has a type of rumba for Colombian, Peruvian and Brazilian tastes, every Sunday night. It has an international rumba with salsa, merengue, bachata, Andean music, samba and other tropical rhythms so characteristic of our lands.

It is like a fenced-in booth with Rimax-type tables surrounding a stage and a small dance floor where we see the guest artists and the dances, almost always choreographic, of Brazilian songs. Admission is sometimes free or costs between $5,000 and $10,000 Colombian pesos, depending on the day and the event.

How to get to the Mirador de La Comara?

If you are interested in visiting this viewpoint, you should arrive first at Leticia Amazonas. From Bogota, you can take a flight with the companies of Latam or Avianca, the price of the flight varies according to the day you arrive to travel. If you are in Peru or Brazil, you can take a boat to Leticia Amazonas.

In Leticia Amazonas there is a great variety of hotels and hostels to spend the night.

To visit the viewpoint is very simple, there are cabs from the Anaconda Hotel that can take you to the viewpoint for only $20,000 pesos the way. You can also rent a motorcycle or from the border of Tabatinga or Brazil you can take a Brazilian motorcycle cab and it will take you there for only $5 Reales.


  • Wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, rain coat and cap.
  • Do not forget to bring documents, insurance and health card.
  • Caution should be taken at the lookout point and no dangerous maneuvers should be made, so as not to suffer any type of accident.
  • Be careful with personal objects, especially with the cameras.
  • You can pay in Colombian pesos or Brazilian reals.
  • On Sundays is the great fun with international rumba.
  • Very late at night you have to take Brazilian motorcycle cabs to get to the border with Leticia Amazonas.

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