Aticoya Adventure Amazon Jungle Trip

  • One of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet, the Colombian Amazon rainforest shares with it’s visitors an unforgettable nature & wildlife experience. Add to that the fascinating mix of indigenous native tribes that populate the region, and the mystery of the shaman traditional medicine healer, and you are in for a unique cultural experience too.

As a travel guide, I love to fill our visitors with the best of the Amazon and sharing a unique experience from this remote green paradise. Our tours have been design carefully so you can enjoy your trip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We know you have limited time, so 4 days is perfect. Remember our tours are super active, always there is something to do and we will be doing activities to activities. My tour is a mix of Culture – My Village – Jungle – Lakes – Native Communities – Adventure – Wildlife and all what you can experience about the Amazon.

I dont do a typical tour… nahhhh screw that, i will show you with my staff the real Amazon. Remember Amazonas Jungle Tours is not just Sergio Rojas, we have tons of people behind the scenes making sure everything goes excellent.


Where our Amazon tours are located


In the last border of the Colombian Amazon Basin is dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community projects in the villages. Amazonas Jungle Tours is operated by members of the Aticoya community, meaning that with their extensive knowledge of the Amazon wildlife and biodiversity they can give our guests the true experience of an Colombian Amazon jungle tour. The communities enroll to our tours in the Colombian Amazon are Pt Nariño, Aticoya and Macedo Private Reserve.

Activities on our Colombian Amazon Jungle Tours

Enjoy learning native techniques of fishing
Unlimited fish and grill
Swim at ancestral Amazonian lakes and rivers
Spend a day canoeing creeks, rivers and spotting pink and grey dolphins
Enjoy a day bird watching
Visit local indigenous communities
Spot amazing sunsets
Try your skills with the net fishing
Try delicious Amazonian cousine
Enjoy the magic on a night at "La Casa del Jaguar"

Where is my hometown?

I live in a paradise that my fathers help to organize and colonize called Puerto Narino in the aticoya region. By law, we are not allowed to have cars or motorcycles… its a paradise and I am also the king here.

Here, i have everything in 5 minutes. 5 minutes to the dolphins, jungle, lakes, river, communities, adventure, friends, dogs, party, more friends, restaurant, monkeys… well everything for an “amazonian tour“.

Check a quick slide view of my town.

Recommended Flights to Leticia

Our best recommendation is to take LAN flights because they arrive earlier than Avianca and speed boat services last schedule it’s at 2 pm. If the flights arrive in the afternoon, it wont be any problem because tour will start the next day and we will take advantage to stay at a Brazilian natural reserve (NO VISA NEEDED).

Whats my amazon tour about?

The tour is designed for those who’s after a unique experience and is perfect for those interested in learning about the Amazon, the history, it’s people, their customs and of course the animals and trees. Once you fly into Leticia we will pick you up at the airport and after a short briefing we will take a 2hr boat over to Porto Narino where we will be based for the 4 days. As part of the tour we will aim to include day jungle hikes, night jungle hikes, Cayman searching, Finca visits, piranha fishing and a night with the indigenous Tikuna community. Please note that the weather is unpredictable in the Amazon so the plans might change on the day but rest assured that we’ll make sure your stay will be action packed.

What are the activities?

  • Jungle trek (sacred ceiba)
  • Native nature reserve (capinuri sanctuary)
  • Native reserve wochine
  • Walking night safari
  • caiman night safari
  • piranha fishing
  • native samba dance lesson
  • sergio rojas caiman sanctuary
  • pink folphin spotting
  • natutama museum
  • lake tarapoto
  • Jungle trekkings
  • survival course
  • swimming at lake correo

Our tours will be organize like this:

Day 1:

  • Picking you up at the airport
  • Lunch
  • Transfer to my community
  • Activities such as viewing tower or jungle treks
  • Dinner
  • Night safari (optional)

For day 2 or 3 we have two amazing activities organized as “Flooded Jungle” and “High Jungle”

Activities on Flooded Jungle:

  • Breakfast at 8:00
  • Boat activities til 11:00 visiting lakes and spotting dolphins. Always been busy
  • Fishing if season is good
  • Lunch
  • Siesta
  • Jungle or lake activities
  • Dinner
  • Night safari for caymans

Activities on “High Land”

  • Breakfast at 8:000
  • Jungle treks with tons of activities
  • Visit my finca
  • Jungle adventura, visit local tikuna temples.
  • Boat activities around 4:00 pm or handcraft workshop
  • Night Safari, walking
  • Dinner

For the last day we will do activities depending on your flights. We can come back at 9:30 am or 1:00 pm to Leticia.

Amazon Tour Rates (English Tour)

Our tours are personalized and at all times with an english speaking guide (Sergio Rojas or his staff). Our tours normally are 4 days but can go up to 5 days.

  • 1 Passenger: $1,600,000 COP (850 USD) per person
  • 2 Passengers: $1,250,000 COP per person
  • 3 Passengers: $1,200,000 COP per person
  • 4 Passengers or more: $1,150,000 COP per person

Spanish tour rates

  • 1 Passenger: $1,600,000 COP (850 USD) per person
  • 2 Passengers: $1,200,000 COP per person
  • 3 Passengers or more: $1,100,000 COP per person

Remember the ATM here have limitations of withdraw, so try to take money at Bogota.

NOTE: paying with credit or debit card will generate an aditional 5 % fee

Please note that the accommodation in the Tikuna community is basic and shared accomodation but you will be given mosquito nets, blankets and the food is awesome! In Porto Narino you’ll have access to showers.

What is included?

All of our plans are all inclusive. Tours, transportation, meals, drinks (water and juices), accomodation, guides, entrance fee’s, english speaking translator and everything needed to do the activities.

This includes the 3 nights accommodation, 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), water, coffee (with breakfast) and fruit juices (with lunch and dinner). Alcohol you will need to pay for separately.

Rubber boots and jungle equipment will be lend to all of our visitors.

What is not included?

Activities not described, Leticia’s entry stamp ($20,000), Flights Bog-Let-Bog and hard alcoholic drinks.

Contact us for booking our tours

Here, I run a 56k internet connection and only in my office. Please send me whatsapp messages because is 100% better and quicker. Remember, i am not a machine and i cannot always reply messages right away.

What to bring?

Sun screen, mosquito repellant (with DEET), trekking snacks, 4 Long sleeve Tshits/Shirts, 2 Long trousers, 2 shorts, 4 socks, a head light or torch and a hat. We’ll give you boots and a poncho. You can bring you phone and camera but make sure you have a case to keep them dry if it rains

My whatsapp for Leticia Amazonas Tours: +573132651778

Carrera 11 # 6 - 92
Leticia, Amazonas - Colombia
Phone and Whatsapp: +57 3132651778
Fb: Sergio Rojas

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