Corona virus, Pandemic and jungle tours in Leticia Amazonas

Leticia Amazonas, is the capital of the largest state in Colombia and the gateway to the Amazon region. A city, that for the last 5 years has been growing potentially and transforming itself into the #1 tourist destination in the Amazon region but since March 2020 everything went dark with the pandemic generated by the COVID-19 virus.

Year after year, the number of visitors that came to know this beautiful region was doubling, the foreign market was in full growth and new hotels and attractions were opening but on March 21, 2020 the airport closed its doors due to the events that were happening worldwide.

Parque Santander. Llegada de los loros desde las 5 pm.

We were the first capital to collapse in Colombia

In April, already with the virus coming from Brazil, we collapsed the departmental health system and hit the city quite hard. We had a curfew, restrictions to leave, no air connection and suspended tourism for 5 months.

It was a very hard time that remained for the history of our region but the most important thing was that in all the darkness we could see the light, people began to take care of themselves and take their natural remedies. The hospitals began to be empty with covid cases and the people have now returned to normalcy under personal self-care.

Leticia Amazonas Tourism today and in pandemic in the Amazon

Currently, the different operators are already working. We already have daily flights with the companies Avianca and Latam. The tour operator and Amazonas Jungle Tours since November 2020 is exclusively offering customized 3 or 4 day tours from Leticia Amazonas.

You can see the detailed information of the plans to Leticia Amazonas: Link or contact to the whatsapp +573132651778

Las aerolíneas de Latam y Avianca ya están operando la ruta Leticia-Bogota-Leticia

What tourist attraction is closed by Covid in Leticia Amazonas.

Already all the tourist attractions are mostly open to the public except the island of the monkeys in which still does not have a reopening date. Due to what happened in Denmark with the mutation of the virus in the minks, the future of the monkey island is not known until the company Decameron gives a special release.

Recommendations for your vacation in Leticia Amazonas during the covid 19 pandemic

The world has changed and traveling to other countries to visit them has its rules which you must comply with or they will not let you enter the country or they will put you in quarantine.

We have an EXTREME INSURANCE for our tours from the company COLASISTENCIA, it covers from the beginning to the end of the tour days, but normally you start the next day of the arrival to Leticia and finish one day before the return trip so we advise you to cover those days and take a travel insurance with COVID coverage, so you can solve the problems of not being able to travel or a quarantine.

Guidelines for travel to Colombia or Leticia in pandemic Covid 19 :

  • You must register with the Republic of Colombia 24 hours before the flight. Más Info
  • You must register with Immigration Colombia 24 hours before your flight. Más Info
  • El dorado Airport (Bogotá). Más Info
  • Check with your country’s authorities if you can travel to Colombia on your dates

Rules of our company:

  • Use of Face Masks
  • Handwashing after dressing, changing shoes, at meals
  • Excursions with a maximum of 6 tourists. In case of a bigger group, it will be divided into groups of up to 6 tourists.
  • Morning temperature takes before the tour starts
  • Sniff test and additional symptoms of IDOC
  • In case of presenting symptoms of COVID for your safety and the rest of the members of the group will NOT be able to follow the Tours and the travel insurance and the current procedures of the Colombian Ministry of Health will be applied.
  • Remember that the effectiveness of prevention depends on your responsibility and compliance with the NORMS.

SELF-CONTROL is the most effective way of preventing IDOC and other diseases.

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