Leticia Amazonas Free Walking Tour

Our Leticia Free Walking Tour is the best way to learn more about the Triple Frontier City (Colombia – Brasil – Peru). Discover a new way of living the history of Leticia Amazonas.

Leticia Amazonas is a magical jungle city sourronded by rivers, communities and our neighbors Brasil and Peru.  Discover the great city of Leticia Amazonas and journey though time to experience the dynamic history and rich culture through the amazing stories and surprising secrets behind the Colombian Jungle City.  You will discover how Leticia Amazonas evolved from humble beginnings from rubber slavery, drug empire to become a city most often referred to today as the best place to discover and travel to the Amazonas.

All of our tours are dynamic and unscripted led by the most knowledgeable locals to provide the most enriching and unforgettable Amazonian experience.   We offer public tours daily as well as private and custom tours for independent explorers, corporate groups, organizations and school groups that can be customized to your schedule and focused on your specific interests.

In this free walking tour we will visit the most emblematic spaces, such as the Fish Market, The city Favelas, The Port, El Paseo de las Viudas, The old remains of the drug empire in the Amazon, The Victoria Regia Bridge, The Victoria’s old Hotel and our parks.


How long will the tour last?

The tour usually takes one hour and thirty minutes or two hours

Tour Schedules

We start tour everyday at 9:00 am at Orellana Park. On Wednesdays there are no service.

Is it a free tour?

Yes it is a free tour and there is no fixed price for the service, our model is based on the popular worldwide “FREE TOUR BASED ON TIPS” concept allowing guests to support and reward quality and service tours.

Meeting Point

The Leticia Amazonas Free Walking tour will start from Orellana Park, by the statue in the middle of the park. 


  • The Best Guides

Not Included

  • Taxi Transportation 
  • Rain cover
  • Water Bottles

All the guides are not responsible for any injury to the body incurred during our tours.