What to Pack for an Amazonas Jungle Tour – Leticia Amazonas Colombia

Leticia Amazonas is a remote jungle city in Colombia and a gate for the Amazon. It can be can be very hot, humid and sticky, but keep in mind: be ready on the most difficult environment on earth. When it comes to packing for the Amazon, be all for having the necessary equipment. We want you to enjoy your trip in the Colombia Amazon Basin, so try to have this on your luggage.

Packing list to Leticia Amazonas

A small day sack (25-30L) is sufficient for a 3 or 4 day tour. Normally tour operators can store your larger bag in the office. The following list is advisory only, wear whatever you think will make you feel comfortable. Bear in mind that black clothing can attract more mosquitoes so, if possible, bring lighter colored clothing.

Checklist these items:

  • Carabiners: This will help you to clip stuff during your day trips.
  • Daily Insurance: Be aware that your life insurance doesn’t work in the Amazon. If you are taking a tour, the operator must have you a day insurance with COLASISTENCIA (The only one that works in this region).
  • Loose and Quick-Dry Clothes: This are the best clothes for the Amazon environment.
  • Enough Clothes: Make sure you have a pair of long pants, 1 long sleeve shirt, underwear and socks per day.
  • Bring Cash: Our internet or telephone connections are not the best. Credit card processing machines don’t work that well here.
  • Hat are a must: This will be your best friend in the Amazon, the sun is really strong here.
  • Long Socks: Another best friend in the Amazon, you will need it for the rubber boots.
  • Rubber Boots not Hiking Boots: You will be trekking on mud and more mud. Hiking boots here will get completely destroyed and wont protect you from any snake attract.
  • Rain Cover: This will be like your wife or husband. Here, it can rain everyday without any notice. Avoid to get wet.
  • Dry Bags: Rain can be a nightmare for destroying your electronic equipment. Have at all times a dry bag during your daily activities.
  • Water Bottle: In the Amazon, a jungle trek means 1 litter of water. Must have a water in your hands to avoid dehydration.
  • Bug Repellent and Sun Screen: This must be at all times. Mosquitoes and Sun rays are included on the tour.
  • Day Pack: You will need it for your daily activities to carry equipment.
  • Life Jacket: If you are on a boat, must have a life jacket for your own safety.
  • Personal First aid kit: it’s forbidden for your guide to provide you medicine. You must bring your own aid kit for diarrhea, nausea, flu, headache, fever, etc.
  • Flashlight: Must have if you are planning to do a night safari.
  • Camera memory cards: Coming to the Amazon, means 10000 photographs. Make sure you have enough space.
  • Power Bank: If you are using your cellphone as your camera, must have a power bank so you don’t miss anything.

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