Welcome to the Adventure in Leticia Amazonas

Amazonas Jungle Tours is a project from AmazonasColombia.com, we only organize small scale tours to special people that are looking for a unique Amazon life journey.  We are really tired of commercial and mass tourism in the Amazon. 

Our tours are authentic, unique, community based, and private in the last border of the Colombian Amazon Basin. It will be held in the most exotic places in the Amazon Jungle, Indigenous communities and near Leticia Amazonas.

100% Community-based tours in local indigenous communities that have invited outsiders to experience their customs, food, lifestyle, and set of beliefs. These communities manage both the impacts and the benefits of this tourism, strengthening their self-governance, economic alternatives, and traditional ways of life in the process.

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Our Sustainability Model

I have been raised in Puerto Nariño, which is 87 km away from Leticia on a boat. Our town always suffer from not having too many job opportunities and a strong based economy. When I started my company I had to create a model so all my community can be involve and it took me several years until is well organize now.

How my town is involving with the process of our tours?


I have been teaching and training all my guides from the last 7 years. As tourism in Colombia is new, we had for the last years a lot of help from different international organizations teaching us customer service and different aspects that were new for us. All my guides are my friend from childhood.


I help to organize one restaurant from a friend of my parents which now they provide for us breakfast, lunch and dinner for my guests. I am also constantly bringing training to them learning new dishes.

Community of Tarapoto

I grew up in this community and now with one of my friend we have a little lodge in the middle of the jungle. All his family takes care of the food and lodging. I also work with different communities where I operate and doing different projects for them.

Puerto Nariño

Mostly all the money stays circulating here. I buy mostly everything from here on all the different local shops, they provide mostly for everything to do the tours.

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