Welcome to the Adventure in Leticia Amazonas

Amazonas Jungle Tours is a project from AmazonasColombia.com, we only organize small scale tours to special people that are looking for a unique Amazon life journey.  We are really tired of commercial and mass tourism in the Amazon. 

Our tours are authentic, unique, community based, and private in the last border of the Colombian Amazon Basin. It will be held in the most exotic places in the Amazon Jungle, Indigenous communities and near Leticia Amazonas.

100% Community-based tours in local indigenous communities that have invited outsiders to experience their customs, food, lifestyle, and set of beliefs. These communities manage both the impacts and the benefits of this tourism, strengthening their self-governance, economic alternatives, and traditional ways of life in the process.

My whatsapp for Leticia Amazon Tours: +573132651778

Leticia Jungle Tour information and cost:

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Our Sustainability Model

I have been raised in Puerto Nariño, which is 87 km away from Leticia on a boat. Our town always suffer from not having too many job opportunities and a strong based economy. When I started my company I had to create a model so all my community can be involve and it took me several years until is well organize now.

How my town is involving with the process of our tours?


I have been teaching and training all my guides from the last 7 years. As tourism in Colombia is new, we had for the last years a lot of help from different international organizations teaching us customer service and different aspects that were new for us. All my guides are my friend from childhood.


I help to organize one restaurant from a friend of my parents which now they provide for us breakfast, lunch and dinner for my guests. I am also constantly bringing training to them learning new dishes.

Community of Tarapoto

I grew up in this community and now with one of my friend we have a little lodge in the middle of the jungle. All his family takes care of the food and lodging. I also work with different communities where I operate and doing different projects for them.

Puerto Nariño

Mostly all the money stays circulating here. I buy mostly everything from here on all the different local shops, they provide mostly for everything to do the tours.

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AmazonasColombia.Com Es una agencia de viajes operadora que busca la plena satisfacción de
las comunidades locales y de los turistas y viajeros que demandan nuestros servicios. 0fertamos planes, programas , tours y excursiones enfocados y operados para lograr un equilibrio ambiental, sociocultural y económico; para ello concentramos nuestros esfuerzos al trabajo comunitario con enfoque de género y priorizando las poblaciones vulnerables en las comunidades focales, integramos y articulamos acciones de intervención que conduzcan al mejoramiento continuo y a la protección y salvaguarda de los intereses y derechos de los niños , niñas y adolescentes; razón por la cual hemos preparado a nuestro equipo de trabajo para detectar y denunciar toda forma de explotación sexual comercial y trabajo infantil.

Nuestros programas son monitoreados y evaluados constantemente y estamos preparados para ofrecer servicios con calidad y seguridad. AmazonasColombia.Com.

Más que una experiencia… con responsabilidad social empresarial.


AmazonasColombia.Com is a travel agency operator that seeks the full satisfaction of local communities and tourists and travelers who demand our services. We offer plans, programs, tours and excursions focused and operated to achieve an environmental, socio-cultural and economic balance; for this purpose we concentrate our efforts on community work with a gender perspective and prioritizing vulnerable populations in the focal communities, we integrate and articulate intervention actions that lead to continuous improvement and the protection and safeguarding of the interests and rights of children and adolescents; That is why we have prepared our staff to detect and report all forms of commercial sexual exploitation and child labour.

Our programs are constantly monitored and evaluated and we are prepared to offer quality and safe services.

Amazonascolombia.com, con registro nacional de turismo N°. 26031, conscientes de la importancia de mantener un desarrollo turístico sostenible, y asumidos los principios adoptados específicamente en la Norma Técnica Sectorial NTS–TS 003, Amazonascolombia.com, está sujeto al régimen de responsabilidad que establece la Ley 300 de 1996 y los Decretos 1075 de 1997. Igualmente está comprometido con el cumplimiento de los artículos 16 y 17 de la Ley 679 de 2001 que reglamentan la protección de los menores de edad contra la explotación y violencia sexual. En nuestro proceso de venta damos cumplimiento a los decretos No. 53 de 18 de enero 2002 y 2438 de 2010. Estamos comprometidos con la conservación del medio ambiente y los recursos naturales según lo dispuesto en la Ley 99 de 1993 y el Decreto 1608 de 1978; igualmente nos acogemos a lo dispuesto en la Ley 23 de 1973 en materia de protección y conservación de la fauna silvestre; La Ley 17 de 1981 sobre protección de flora y fauna; la Ley 103 de 1931 por la cual se fomenta la conservación de los monumentos arqueológicos y/o patrimonio cultural. Los requisitos exigidos en el Decreto 4000 de 2004. Referente al Control de Extranjeros. La Ley 1335 de 2009 Antitabaco; con la no discriminación y exclusión de poblaciones vulnerables y las exigencias especiales para la protección de datos personales de menores de edad (niños, niñas y adolescentes) y de los adultos que suministran sus datos personales que se encuentran incluidos en nuestras bases de datos, con fines turísticos u otros, preservando su protección, conservación y garantizando su uso responsable y seguro, procurando proteger el derecho a la privacidad y protección de su información personal y toda aquella que se suministra a través de los formatos de registro en el hotel y también en la página web antes y después de la vigencia del decreto y la ley. Nos acogemos a las disposiciones generales para la protección de datos personales y demás normas reglamentadas en la Ley Estatutaria 1581 de 2012 y Decreto Reglamentario 1377 de 2013. Le invitamos hacer parte de nuestro compromiso ambiental con el uso eficiente del agua y la energía, así como del manejo integral de residuos sólidos y el compromiso por su reducción, reutilización y reciclaje. IMPRIMA SOLO SI ES NECESARIO. DE HACERLO EN LO POSIBLE UTILICE PAPEL RECICLABLE. PROTEJAMOS EL PLANETA.

Amazonascolombia.com, with national registry of tourism N°. 26031, aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable tourism development, and assumed the principles adopted specifically in the Sectorial Technical Regulation NTS-TS 003, Amazonascolombia.com, is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300 of 1996 and Decrees 1075 of 1997. It is also committed to complying with articles 16 and 17 of Law 679 of 2001, which regulate the protection of minors against sexual exploitation and violence. In our sales process, we comply with the following decrees: No. 53 of 18 January 2002 and 2438 of 2010. We are committed to the conservation of the environment and natural resources in accordance with the provisions of Law 99 of 1993 and Decree 1608 of 1978; we also adhere to the provisions of Law 23 of 1973 on the protection and conservation of wildlife; Law 17 of 1981 on the protection of flora and fauna; Law 103 of 1931 by which the conservation of archaeological monuments and/or cultural heritage is promoted. The requirements of Decree 4000 of 2004. Concerning the Control of Foreigners. Law 1335 of 2009 on Tobacco Control; with the non-discrimination and exclusion of vulnerable populations and the special requirements for the protection of personal data of minors (children and adolescents) and adults who provide their personal data included in our databases, for tourism or other purposes, preserving its protection, conservation and ensuring its responsible and safe use, trying to protect the right to privacy and protection of your personal information and all that is provided through the registration forms in the hotel and also on the website before and after the enforcement of the decree and the law. We adhere to the general provisions for the protection of personal data and other rules regulated in the Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013. We invite you to be part of our environmental commitment to the efficient use of water and energy, as well as to the integral management of solid waste and the commitment to its reduction, reuse and recycling. PRINT ONLY IF NECESSARY. IF POSSIBLE, USE RECYCLABLE PAPER. PROTECT THE PLANET

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