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Welcome to Amazonas Jungle Tours, your gateway to the mesmerizing Amazonas region. Established in 2010, we are a local tour operator based in Leticia Amazonas, renowned for our unique and authentic jungle adventures. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a family, or a group, we tailor our tours to offer you an unparalleled experience, blending the rich Amazonian culture with thrilling adventures. Dive into our catalog and discover why many believe that just 5 days in the Amazon is enough to capture its essence. Embark on a journey with us and witness the magic of the Amazon firsthand.

Our Recommenations for a Leticia Amazonas Jungle Tours

Leticia Amazonas Jungle Three Day Trip

To organize this trip, you must fly for 5 days to Leticia Amazonas, we will begin at 6:15 am from the next day of your arrival and finish a three day trip at 5 pm.

Short on Time? Fly to Leticia Amazonas for Four Days

If you’re flying to the Amazonas for just four days, don’t worry. We can tailor a trip to fit your flight schedule, ensuring you experience the best of the Amazonas. This itinerary is ideal for those with limited days, making every moment count.

4 day trip starting at 1:30 pm and finishing the fourth day at 9 am

Plan to arrive in Leticia by 12:00 pm to make the most of this itinerary. This gives you ample time for breakfast before boarding the 1:30 pm boat. From the moment you arrive, activities kick off. Enjoy two full nights of activities, with an additional night on the third day. We’ll have you back in Leticia by 9 am on the fourth day, perfectly timed for your airport transfer. For onward flights to Bogota or other Colombian cities, please schedule departures after 11:00 am.

Three day trip in Leticia Amazonas starting at 1:30 pm

For those with a 4-day flight schedule to Amazonas: If you arrive before 11:30 am on your first day, we can start your jungle tour at 1:30 pm. The tour will conclude on the third day at 5:00 pm, bringing you back to Leticia. On the fourth day, we’ll provide a transfer to the airport. This tour is specifically designed for travelers with return flights to Bogota or other cities scheduled before 11:00 am.

Amazing jungle tour for two days and extra night

For travelers with a 4-day flight to Leticia Amazonas arriving after 12 pm: Our tour begins the following day at 6:15 am and concludes on the fourth day at 9 am in Leticia. Ensure your return flight is scheduled for 11:00 am or later to accommodate our airport transfer. This tour offers a prime opportunity to witness the best of the Amazon. As one of our top-selling trips, participants consistently report having a fun and memorable experience.

Two Day Trip into Leticia Amazonas Jungle